The Best Sound Ever

por Dic 6, 2012

Hi everybody!. Just a few notes to explain how we made the count. We just take those who appear at least three or more times. Those who just appear less than to three, where left behind in order to keep the list as clean and tight as possible.

For us the must amazing thing is not the ones that made it into the list. The most incredible aspect is those that not even went into the list of 2 or 1. Many of them are considered real reference as records makers.

I am not going to tell who they are. Just see who’s out of the list.

The answers to the questions are as follow:

The most popular album ever?.
Pink Floyd «Dark Side of the Moon».

The most popular Beatles album ever?.
Abbey Road.

The second most popular album ever?
Steely Dan «Aja»

The third most popular album ever?
Michael Jackson «Thriller»

The most popular Rock album ever?
Off course you know AC/DC «Back in Black»

The most popular Pop album ever?
Again it is pretty easy Michael Jackson «Thriller»

One more question. Which artist is the one that appears more times in the list?
You know the answer too, the kids from Liverpool The Beatles.